Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What an adventure!! Mike and Heather were kayaking this am and saw some whale tail action on the north end of the island.
They kayaked north past the sailboat and then heard a whistle, turned around and Chris from the boat was pointing behind them. They sat still in the water and three adult humpbacks come right up to them within 20 ft. They sat very quietly in awe of what they were experiencing. What an adventure, Heather exclaimed as goosebumbs were all over her body.
I asked if they had their camera , but of course, NO! Ok, from now on they are bringing their camera. Come on down. They are here! Debbie

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Humpback whales are here

They're back! Ollie took a group down to a near-by unihabited island, Great Sand Cay and two large whales came right under the boat. Some guests were able to snorkel in the water with them for about 5 minutes. Then as quickly as they appeared, they swam off as if they were on a mission.

They were so beautiful, my niece who just happened to be visiting and on the boat, said with tears in her eyes. "It was the most thrilling adventure I had ever had with creatures in the wild".

Several other sightings have been made by locals on the island, Mike H. and Dave , while out fishing and then the people on the sailboat just told me their boat served as a conductor for the songs and they could actually hear the whales singing through the hull this morning.

Divers have all reported hearing them singing while on the dives at the north end of the island. So they are back! Come on down and enjoy them with us.

Lion fish hunts
Thanks to the Scheller family and friends they have gotten 46 Lion fish off our reefs !Richard, our dive master plus George and the Scheller tribe have enjoyed delicious Lion fish and compare the meat to tasting like Grouper.
Rob and Faye of Boston got some excellent pictures of the Lion fish and will be posting them later this week.
Friday night Coral reef bar and grill will be cooking up the lastest catch of Lion fish and sharing them with the other divers and guests on island.

Upcoming Events
Three days after the full moon we will be offering a night snorkels which offer a close up and person experiences with the glow worms. Be sure and bring some underwater lights and extra batteries for this event.

Sunset Cruise February 14th we will have our 6th annual Valentine Crusie. Wine,cheese and crackers on board in hopes of seeing whale whales and a gorgeous sunset. Please make reservations as this event is usally sold out.

Karaoke Night
Karaoke night resumes every Saturday night right after dinner at Coral Reef Bar and Grill. Come join the fun and have your favorite songs ready to sing.

Rib Night Continues
Delicious baby back ribs are being served up at Coral Reef Bar and Grill every Sunday night.
Several of our residents are so proud of their "perfect attendance" like Mike and Marilyn and Jim and Junie. Reservations are definitly needed so remember to sign up once you are on island.

Domincan Night
Want a bit of Dominican flare? Every Friday night Coral Reef Bar and Grill will be serving low calorie version of Dominican pizza.Crisp, herb and garlic season tortillia with lots of healthy veggies cheese and sauce is now available. Lots of Dominican music and after dinner, yes,dancing. There will be a few resident dancers available to teach you some sizzeling moves!

*Our island is small and relaxing, but that never stopped us from having lots of fun and adventures. Just a few bits of information to keep you all informed of the activities here on Salt Cay.

Special Thanks
So many people have inquired about our staff from Haiti, Philiman and Enye. All of their immidiate families are safe, but lots of distant relatives have not been as fortunate.
So many previous visitors to Salt Cay from all over the world that have met people in our community from Haiti have been so supportive.
We hosted a fund raiser where the local Scrape and Rake band wanted to do something in support of their fellow residents to raise some money to help the folks locally.
With the help of our winter home owners and entire community we raised over $2,000 in one night. Thanks to our local DJ Papa Newton and the band members.
Salt Cay Divers has a drop box to gather clothes, sheets towels that will be sent to Haiti on Air Turks and Caicos. Local members of the Haitian community members formed a committee and made decisions on how to best allocate the money. Initially, people were given money for phone cards so they could call and try and locate their loved ones. This small but necessary act was essential to helping people try to locate their family. The committee will continue to meet to decide how the rest of the money will be spent.
Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support of our Salt Cay community. You were there for us during the hurricanes and now here for our community again. Debbie