Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's day for mothers from the Dominican Republic and Haiti.
Having staff from both these countries, we celebrated with a huge feast and lots of dancing. The fiesta went on till the wee hours of the morning. We even had a dance contest, but oops, no one explained the rules to me that you were not allow to stop dancing, even for a second, or you would be asked to leave the competition.
Antonia and Beto won the contest. A very fun time was had by all. Debbie


Paul , Kelly Jason and Yurgo were just returning from a dive when they spotted what looked to be a thousand birds. Richard slowed the boat down as he saw something "huge" in the water. All divers slowly, well kind of slowly, got in the water and discovered a Whale shark sitting right beneath the boat.
The Whale shark stayed with them for what seemed to be a lifetime and then gracefully swam off.
Paul got some amazing video and one still shot, which is being loaded onto our blogspot and you should be able to view it soon.
This was the first time any of the divers saw a Whale shark in all of their years of diving. The great news is it happened right here on little old Salt Cay walls!
In earlier years, Whale sharks have been spotted here in or around November. This sighting is very early for a Whale shark to be in these waters, but we are excited regardless of what time of year they come.
Hopefully the shark will stay around the area for a few days so we can have more exciting adventures diving with them.
Last night we enjoyed another batch of Lion fish deliciously prepared by Davie at Coral Reef cafe. Jason was quite good at spearing the fish and Paul great at spotting them.Together they removed another 8 Lion fish off our reef.
Paul found the smallest Lion fish I have ever seen. It was about the size of a pin head.
Thanks to the Kelly group for joining us in Salt Cay. Debbie

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

There She Goes

Salt Cay has a brand new wreck to snorkel or dive . The Lucky lady, who was not so lucky, had sunk in our harbor about two years ago. Private funds were raised and donated to pay a salvage operator by the name of Louis, to float the boat so we could sink her again as an artificial reef and dive site.
We have excellent snorkeling right from our shores, so the idea was to sink her in a place shallow enough for snorkelers to be able snorkel ,yet deep enough for a shallow dive site.
Many people come here whose mate might not dive, but they do snorkel. Now they can both come and snorkel and/or watch their mate dive the same site.
Special thanks to "Shine" who donated the boat to sink, Mike and Bob, who started the salvage exploration, Tony, Beto,Enye, Boo, Jimmy,Enrique,Don and a special thanks to Richard our dive instructor,who did the preparation and the diving to secure the boat and make sure it floated to get it out of the harbor. The Environmental and Costal Resources department had a small skiff and staff along side to insure no corals or reef were being damaged in the process.
Ollie did an excellent job driving the boat out of the harbor to then allow her to slowly sink to her new resting place.
Thanks to our District Commissioner, Carolyn, for her support of this project, Vershina and Sharon who took pictures and recorded it for historical purposes .This was the first boat that was intentionally sunk in Salt Cay for a dive site. Staff at Salt Cay Divers are very excited about this new site and look forward to taking people to dive or snorkel our local wreck.
The wreck site has not been named so of course ...there has to be a contest.
There will be a team of three local people to judge the entires and the winner will either get a free dinner for two at Coral Reef Bar and Grill OR when you arrive, or if you are already here, a free dive/ snorkel on the newly named dive site.Submit your entires to Once the winner has been decided, I will post the new sites name.
Lion Fish hunting dives are still ongoing to keep our reefs free of these fish. They are delicous and we are coming up with some fantastic recipes for the next batch of Lion fish.
Summer time is almost here and the colder waters of the winter season are moving out and the waters warming up.Dolphines and mantas soon will be here.
I was able to get permission from the owner of a small twin engine plane that landed in Salt Cay, but opps, due to mechanical problems missed the runway. There were no injuries but it did leave us a plane to make another artificial reef .
Anyone with any salvage,dive experience wanting to join in on the salvage operation of helping us sink the plane is welcome to assist us.
Please check our website for our summer specials. Thanks for your onging support. Debbie

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Springtime in Salt Cay

Thank you to all the people who visited us this past winter. I am sure you will agree we had a spectacular Humpback whale season. We had more in-water encounters than the previous two years and Michael described it a "spiritual adventure" snorkeling with the whales.

Now springtime is here and we have had two weeks of flat seas and calm waters. With the warmer waters bring the colorful ,tropical fish, eels, sharks (friendly ones) and yes, the Manta Rays.


With this gorgeous weather a group of us headed off to great Sand Cay, a near-by unihabited island know for it's gorgeous beaches. It is a Bird Sanctuary and is home to thousands of birds. In May you can see the birds making nests and hatching their eggs. May also brings the mating season of hudreds of Nurse sharks occuring in just three feet of wate. Both events are spectacular. We had a fun day shelling, fishing and snorkeling.

Saturday was a wonderful engagement party hosted by Tim and melinda Patterson. The enitre community turned out and we danced till the wee hours.

Forutunatly ,Richard and the divers didn't party too long and went off diving the next day early in the morning. The purpose was Lion fish hunting. The good news is they couldn't find any. This is good as we are doing our best to stay on top of the Lion flish population.

The best receipe for this is Richard,*(divemaster), teaches you how to hunt the fish, you spear them, Richard cleans them, Antonia cooks them and you eat them. Now that is truly a success for keeping your stomachs full and the reef clean of the Lion fish.

Raise the boat/Sink the boat

For those of you who have been here, you would have seen the Lucky Lady , who wasn't that lucky ,sunk in our harbor.Several of the winter residents attempted to raise the boat, but were not successful.

Now Louis is here who swears his 20 years of expereince will allow him to float the boat. I sure hope so since I now have permission form our Environmental and coastal resource Department to sink the boat for an artificial reef.

I would love to hear from you. Should the boat be sunk in shallow water 35 ft, to allow both snorkelers and divers to explore or should we sink the boat deep for a deep wreck dive and if so, how deep?
Please email me with your comments . I will announce the outcome once the location has been determined.

Spring/summer special

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Now that the Humpbacks are gone for the season, I hope you come experience what special adventures our island has to offer in the summer months. See you soon. Debbie