Monday, August 15, 2011


Whoever thinks they have to go to Grand Turk or Provo to have a fun party, clearly wasn't in Salt Cay Sat night! People of all different nationalities and ages were there experiencing different cultural music, dancing and just plain fun.
The people are what makes a happening and it was going on and on and on, I really had to leave and get some sleep at 3am. Hope you are all here for our next Salt Cay Divers party. Missed you. Debbie


Divers keeping busy keeping Lion fish off Salt Cay's reefs. As many of you know, Lion fish have no predators as they don't belong in these waters. They have destroyed lots of areas in the Bahamas and Caymans by eating all the baby fish. We are teaching people how to spear fish and then going on dedicated Lion fish hunts. You spear the fish and Coral Reef Bar and Grill with clean them or teach you how to safely clean them, then cook them up with one of our favorite Lion fish recipes.
Come join in on the fun. Articles are being written about spearing the Lion fish then feeding them to the groupers and sharks in hope they will develop a taste for them. Not sure if the sharks like them, but it's the best tasting fish Ihave ever had. Be sure to ask our dive staff about Lion fish dives. Come help Salt Cay Divers keep our reefs free of Lion fish. Keep them out of our waters and on your plate. Hope to see you down here soon. Debbie

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Salt Cay Divers is pleased to announce the promotion of Mr. Richard Agraba to the position of Manager. Richard has agreed to return to Salt Cay Divers for his 4th season in his new position beginning October.
Richard has a lot of new plans to make your diving, snorkeling and whale watching trips one of the most enjoyable experiences you have ever had.
Just a few comments from our guests regarding Richard's performance.Chris and Steina" we have logged a 1000 dives all over the world and Richard is clearly the best instructor/ divemaster " we have ever had" Nicole" He is so safety minded, yet lets you dive your own profile based on your computer not time limited."Sara" He makes diving so enjoyable cause he points things out and finds the smallest creatures I have ever seen."
Ollie and Richard, along with the rest of our team, will be excited to provide you the quality personalized service you deserve. Come dive with the BEST Salt Cay has to offer.Hope to see you soon. Debbie

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Coral Reef Bar and Grill in conjunction with Salt Cay Divers is having a party 13th Aug 2011. Come help us celebrate the end of the season. Staff are all going off for a well deserved vacation.
We will be closed 19th August until 2nd of Oct 2,then opening up for business on 3rd Oct 2011.
Hop on one of the last minute specials and get your self here to party down in Salt Cay. We will provide free shuttle service from the airport:) Would love to have you all here. Hope to see you in Oct for our outrageous fall specials.
Thank all of you for your ongoing support. Have a great rest of the summer. Enjoy, Salt Cay Divers/ Coral Reef staff.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Sara and the group exploded onto Salt Cay.Such a fun group with lots of energy. Dive,dive,dive and they did just that. They occupied all of the Tradewinds Guest Suites and ate most all their meals at Coral Reef Bar and Grill.
Salt Cay having less than 100 full time residents on island, Freedom Divers represented more than 10% of our population. "Truly, it is like owning a little piece of paradise for a whole week".Posted are just a few of the hundreds of pictures the group took. A special thanks to Sara who organized the trip. We sure enjoyed all of you and hope to see you real soon.