Monday, August 15, 2011


Divers keeping busy keeping Lion fish off Salt Cay's reefs. As many of you know, Lion fish have no predators as they don't belong in these waters. They have destroyed lots of areas in the Bahamas and Caymans by eating all the baby fish. We are teaching people how to spear fish and then going on dedicated Lion fish hunts. You spear the fish and Coral Reef Bar and Grill with clean them or teach you how to safely clean them, then cook them up with one of our favorite Lion fish recipes.
Come join in on the fun. Articles are being written about spearing the Lion fish then feeding them to the groupers and sharks in hope they will develop a taste for them. Not sure if the sharks like them, but it's the best tasting fish Ihave ever had. Be sure to ask our dive staff about Lion fish dives. Come help Salt Cay Divers keep our reefs free of Lion fish. Keep them out of our waters and on your plate. Hope to see you down here soon. Debbie

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