Thursday, May 17, 2012

SUMMER IN SALT CAY Hello all you fellow divers and snorkelers out there. It has been awhile since I have had time to update you on all the happenings in Salt Cay.It was an exciting winter. We had the fortune of having so many wonder snorkelers, divers and whale watchers. What a great bunch of people vising our island. Thanks so much to everyone who came to Salt Cay this winter. This was the best whale watching season in all the 15 years I have been on island. We experienced more in water encounters both on snorkel and on scuba then all my previous years. Matt has been diving 15 years and exclaimed when he surfaced from his dive "This whale encounter was the best scuba dive I have had in my entire life." This kind of comment was heard so many times this year. I am so thrilled we had so many happy visitors. Just a preview for what's to come the rest of this year and next. The Humpbacks have gone for the season, but right behind them came the Whale shark, Hammerhead and then yesterday,Spotted Eagle rays. The warmer waters are starting to heat up and with the warming comes all sorts of tropical fish returning to our reefs for the summer. We are expecting Mantas in June and of course the mating of the Nurse sharks in just a few feet of water is a spectacular sight to see in June and July.
Thanks to Allen and Angie for the picture of the Hammerhead. You will be able to view all their photos on Salt Cay Divers FB later on this week. Lion Fish Hunt Tournament For the entire month of July we are having a Lion Fish Tournament. Whoever kills the most Lion fish during the month of July wins: Three night stay at Tradewinds Guest Suites. So if you have not booked your dive trip yet, we have lots of accommodations options waiting for you along with both our 10 or 15 tank boat dive packages specials. If you can get the Lion fish on snorkel ,go for it! You don't have to scuba dive to enter the contest. Just bring us the most Lion fish and you win! You can sign up at Salt Cay Divers from July 1st to the 31st 2012. Please help us keep these envasive creatures off our reefs and on our plates. Many people who have eaten Lion fish at Coral Reef Bar and Grill will tell you Lion fish is now their favorite fish. Delcious!
Thanks again for the beautiful turtel picture, Allen. Book your flights now for a trip to Salt Cay. Our staff will do everything possible to insure you have a relaxing, yet adventuresome vacation. Hope to see you soon. Debbie