Friday, October 2, 2009

Wer'e back!!

Well it's been a gorgeous summer and most of the staff took off for the month of September. Slowly they are returning along with our wonderful guests. Ollie has been sprucing up the boats, all in great working condition to begin snorkeling and diving trips
The water temperature is 82 degrees and clear visibility of 80 ft plus.
We are excited about the addtion of several new activities for the rest of the year , continuing on into Humpback whale season.
Thanks to the feedback of Mary Lou Gates and family members , they suggested we routinely offer a night snorkeling trip right outside the harbor. We have provided shallow water dives before , but never the snorkeling option.
The group went out and said it was spectacular. Had what they called "bioluminescence night snorkeling trip" Lots of slipper lobster, crabs, shrimp and the corals came alive as if on a night dive.
So just ask your dive masters for the opportunity of a guided tour and we will provide a great adventure.
There will be night dives offered for the glow worm show which occurs 3-5 days after the full moon. Non divers can also do a dusk snorkel and see them too.
We will be having routine sunset crusies for those photagraphers wanting to get shots from the water which are not possible on shore.
Lion Fish Hunt Dives will be offered to those of you wanting to help us rid our reef of Lion Fish. While they are beautiful, they eat all the baby groupers and can destroy a reef in a few years. Fortunately , we do not have too many, but must get every Lion fish we see and crete a new island dish. Their meat is very tender, similar to the taste of a grouper.
Mary Lou also suggeted offering photagraphers the opportunity to go out on the boats to take pictures of the Ospry fishing in the day time. Fanntastic angle and different than the shore shots .
Whale watching excursions will begin the day we shart seeing more than one whale arrive.
Often the Humpbacks send their scouts down earlier. We all get excited and then don't see any whales for another week or so. Once the migration begins, we will be providing whale watching adventures. 2010 is suppose to offer us a "banner year" for the sighting these magnificent creatures.
Air Travel
I am working in conjunction with Caicos Express to provide a Sat - Sat flight departure and arrival. West Jet from Canada is having some excellent specials and fly here on Sat. For you Canadians reading this or Americans close enough to cross the boarder, check into West Jet Airlines.
As soon as we finalize this, I will write it on the blog.
Coral Reef Bar and Grill is still having Sunday "Rib Night" as well as Karaoke night every Saturday.
New recipes for fantastic martinis will be offered up this season. So as not to be outdone by anyone's martini bar, why not send us your favorite recipe and if it becomes a hit, we will name the martini after you.
On Friday nights ,we will clear the tables at Coral Reef dance floor and dance the night away under the stars. Multicultural music ,great Reggae, Spanish music as well as good old Country Western.
We have added a volley ball sand court as well as horse shoes so lots of activities to keep you busy when you are not in the ocean.
For those of you that met Davie , she is expecting baby number 2 sometime in February. Congratualations to her. She swears she will be cooking till she delivers, so come on down and enjoy her Dominican specialties.
For those of you who had the pleasure of diving with Richard, he has signed on for another year and I am so happy as he has great Lion Fish capturing techniquies not to seak of his diving skills.
Enye, Philiman and Antonia will all be back too. Couldn't ask for a greater team.
As you can see, we have been busy expanding to allow you lots of options while visitiing Salt Cay.
Hope to see you down here soon. Debbie

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Calm Seas at Salt Cay Divers

Splash relaxing on a sunny day by Salt Cay Divers Big Boat in the Harbor.
Salt Cay, Turks & Caicos Islands
Click on picture to view it larger
Picture by Ann Hawkins

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Diving the Endymion near Salt Cay

Well folks, the weather was gorgeous so Ollie took a group of divers and snorkelers from Salt Cay out to the Endymion wreck. They said the seas were so calm, only took them 30 min to get there.
Once there, the conditions could not have been more perfect. No currents, visibility 100+. They saw three reef sharks, turtles, large groupers (don't tell the fishermen) and spectacular colors of sea fans and both hard and soft corals. (Special thanks to Simon Bateson for the turtle picture.)

There was a huge Baracuda guarding the entrance to one of the swim throughs, but the divers just starred him down and he let them pass. They stopped at my favorite un inhabited island Great Sand Cay, on the way back to Salt Cay.

They said it was just as gorgeous as ever. Next time, it's my turn to go!

Summer is upon us so that means calm seas, Dolphins and Mantas will be here soon.

Hope to see you down here real soon. Debbie

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring is here

Well it has been a very cool winter and our wonderful dolphins and Humpback whales gave us quite a few "spiritual moments" . The waters are starting to warm up and the tropical fish are returning.Richard noticed lots of plankton in the water and sure enough within a few days they saw a 12 ft Manta ray. I have no idea why the Manta was in these waters this early in the year. We usually don't see them till June and July.It was a wonderful treat for all the divers. For a few, it was their first time.Spring and summer months are gorgeous in Salt Cay. We would love to see you in Salt Cay. Make reservations and we will give you a 10% discount off your already discounted dive package just by mentioning you read it here.Hope to see you in Salt cay real soon. Debbie

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Turtles of Salt Cay

Our friends, Wendy and Simon have just sent us these lovely pictures of turtles they spotted on one of their dives last week. You can click on the picture to view it larger.

Pictures compliments of Simon Bateson.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Friends and Old Friends at Salt Cay Divers and Coral Reef

We want to send a warm welcome to all of our new and returning staff.

Salt Cay Divers and Coral Reef Bar and Grill has a diverse, multicultural team of employees. We have learned so much about each other's cultures - they are a great group who love to dive, dance and dine with our guests. Their goal is to provide each visitor to the island with a unique experience while in Salt Cay.

New Friends (the Divemasters):

Richard Agraba is PADI certified dive master since 2003. He was born and raised in Davao, Philippines. He attended University and studied Electrical Engineering but his passion for ocean and travel led him to a career in diving.
Richard joins Salt Cay Divers in Jan 2009 and is very excited about being in the Turks and Caicos waters. “The diving is very different than the Philippines and so much variety of corals and different creatures in Salt Cay from what I am use to seeing.” His passions, other than diving, are wind surfing Reggae and island music and he is ready for the return of Saturday night karaoke at the Coral Reef Bar & Grill.

Dave, not David (only his mother can call him that) Goring is a PADI certified dive master and Instructor. He has been training others since 1996. He was born in Bishops Cleeve England calling himself a “country boy”. He arrived in Salt Cay and has been training and diving with divers since Nov 2008. “I love this island. It is so peaceful and quiet, such friendly people, great diving and hearing the whales sing is like listening to a concert under water”.

Dave has quit a wit about himself and told me “the only job I am really qualified to do is the Village Idiot” he says that with a big smile on his face. Quite the opposite as he is extremely talented in teach. He loves to joke, but is very serious about safety and his love of our underwater world. He has travelled throughout the Caribbean and Middle East countries.
Divers have told me he is one of the best dive masters they have ever had!

Old Friends (the Staff):

Enye Guierrier is our all around everything man. Enye hails from Haiti and fixes some of the best cracked conch, peas and rice and cole slaw this side of the Mississippi! Enye has been with Salt Cay Divers for the past 4 years. He recently got married and now they are expecting a child in a few months. Enye loves to cook and enjoys talking with the guests. His passion is for music and dancing. You will see him carrying tanks and assisting guests with their gear, then taking orders for their next meal at Coral Reef Bar and Grill. He hopes to bring his wife and child to Salt cay within the next year.

Deivi De Los Santos provides delicious meals and her favorite dishes to prepare are pastas and lobster. Deivi pronounced DAVIE was born in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. She has a 4 year old son that she will try and bring to Salt Cay this year. Her favorite things to do are cooking, dancing, singing and being a hair dresser. She loves Salt Cay because of the people here. She makes an awesome conch stew that is a must to try!!

Antonia Morales assist in the kitchen and bar area. Her margaritas made with fresh limes are only surpassed by mine. :) She loves to dance, sing loves to clean (imagine that) and enjoys the peaceful Salt Cay. Antonia is a Grandmother of 1 and has one son still living in the Dominican Republic. She was born and raised in Santo Domingo DR and has lived in the Turks and Caicos for the past 4 years.

Philiman Vincent has been with Salt Cay Divers and Coral Reef for the past 3 years. Her specialty in the kitchen is her peas and rice (aka beans and rice) and steamed fish. People rave about the flavors she is able to get with her combination of herbs. Philiman is a mother of two and her and her husband have lived in the islands for he past 12 years. Her daughter Gurdey attends the primary school in Salt Cay. Philiman is a bit more reserved but when the mood hits her she a heck of a good dancer.

With the world-wide economic situation in mind, we have done everything possible to curtail our pricing and continue with the quality we strive to provide both in our water activities and café and bar services.
We all still need to take time and enjoy our life so come join us as soon as you possibly can.

Best regards to all,
Debbie and Ollie

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Welcome to our two new dive masters Dave Goring of the UK and Richard Agraba of the Philippines. They have a combined 20 years of teaching scuba diving. Richard specializes in kayak instruction and Dave loves to take people on new dives - when we find a wonderful location he names the site after them!

Come on down to see the humpback whales, they are back and hear them singing on most every dive.

Lionfish are being spotted on almost every dive. While they are gorgeous to look at we need to decrease the number of Lion fish as they eat all the baby fish on the reef. We are looking at the safest way to capture the fish without anyone getting stung. We will be having specific Lion fish hunting dives geared to their capture. We have received several recipes to prepare Lion fish as they are considered a delicacy to eat.

Come join us for a fun filled winter adventure.