Sunday, April 19, 2009

Diving the Endymion near Salt Cay

Well folks, the weather was gorgeous so Ollie took a group of divers and snorkelers from Salt Cay out to the Endymion wreck. They said the seas were so calm, only took them 30 min to get there.
Once there, the conditions could not have been more perfect. No currents, visibility 100+. They saw three reef sharks, turtles, large groupers (don't tell the fishermen) and spectacular colors of sea fans and both hard and soft corals. (Special thanks to Simon Bateson for the turtle picture.)

There was a huge Baracuda guarding the entrance to one of the swim throughs, but the divers just starred him down and he let them pass. They stopped at my favorite un inhabited island Great Sand Cay, on the way back to Salt Cay.

They said it was just as gorgeous as ever. Next time, it's my turn to go!

Summer is upon us so that means calm seas, Dolphins and Mantas will be here soon.

Hope to see you down here real soon. Debbie

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