Saturday, November 19, 2011


Thanks Greg for he spectacular picture of the Humpback mom and her baby. Imagine yourself in the water experiencing this! Come on down for our whale season Jan- March. We can arrange accommodations, all wate activites eco-adventures and much more. Hope to see you in 2012!


Great picture of Richard catching dinner for the guests. This could be you! Come Lion Fish hunting and catch your own dinner. Keep thes gorgeous fish off the reef and on your plate.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Before you go out on that morning dive or snorkel with Salt Cay Divers, come join us for a fun workout doing ZUMBA classes. Classes 6am at Coral Reef Bar and Grill. Yes, we are a small island, but consistently looking for ways to add more flavor to your adventures while on Salt Cay. As a reminder, every month Salt Cay Divers will be offering 15% off "something" in celebration of our 15th year in operation.
Still plenty of space to surprise your loved ones with a trip to Salt Cay. Warm , sunny, and fun way to spend your holidays. Hope to see you at our dancing and divng activities soon.Debbie

Thursday, October 20, 2011


I am so excited! Salt Cay Divers was asked to represent the entire Turks and Caicos Islands at the Wider Caribbean Mammal conference. This request was due to their excellance in providing whale watching excursions in the Turks an Caiicos Islands.
For the past 15 years, Salt Cay Divers has been providing education and whale watching encounters with the Humpback whales as well as encounters with Dolpins.
The conference is with a group of Caribbean experts representing 42 different countries. This group is developing "Guidelines" for the encounters and observations of the Humpback whales, Dolphins and Manatees in the Wider Caribbean Islands.
The conference is being held in Panama City, Panama. This week we will go out on a field trip to experience Dolphins and Humpback whales seen in the Pacific to experience how the Panamanians provide Mammal oberservations in their country.
Salt Cay is still one of the few countries that allow in-water encounters with the whales.The group is strongly encouraging us to maintain the degree of excellence we have provided in the past by followng the guidlines set by this advisory committee. We have created a "code of conduct" for all operators and are hopeful that all will comply with the guildlines to insure safety and sensitivity in observing these magnificent creatures in the wild.
We need to ensure we do not harrase or interfer with the behaviors of the Dolphins and Humpbacks by following strict guidlines for encounters and observation of these mammals.
Our ultimate goal is the protection of these animals and safety to our tourists wishing to have the experience of a lifetime.
I am taking a special course where I will be identified as a Naturalist for the Humpback whales,allowing me to provide educational information and training on Humpback whales to all of our guests prior to departure on our excursions.
This is an added benefit to our guests as we will have the only identified Naturlist on island.Additonally, all of our staff will receive the same training so we all are able to provide education and information to our guests.
If you have not made reservations for this season, Jan-mid April, please contact Salt Cay Divers for all your travel plans. Hope to see you in Salt Cay soon. Debbie

Friday, October 7, 2011


Hello to all you divers, snorkelers and soon to be whale watchers. The staff is slowly returning to Salt Cay after their much deserved vacation. We are gearing up for a spectacular season!
Salt Cay Divers staff are currently remodeling boats, buildings and insuring all our equipment and rental gear is in tip- top shape for all of our guests.
Your comfort,safety and insuring you have a fun-filled vacation is most important to us. Our ocean is still averaging about 82 degrees F with gorgeous,calm,flat seas. As the waters cool down, our visibility increases to about 80 ft. These are perfect conditions for new and seasoned divers.
Salt Cay Divers will reopen November 1st. 2011 for all of our water and land activities. As a reminder, American Thanksgiving is coming up soon and we are running a spectacular special you can view on our website. Come do something different with your friends and family members and surprise them by joining us for some excellent diving and snorkeling.Relax by the ocean and enjoy fresh fish,conch and lobster. OK, I will even fix a turkey for those wanting a more traditional meal.
Our divemasters/instructors, Ollie and Richard will both be back along with Beto and Enye.Salt Cay Divers has been providing quality services in the areas of all water and land Eco activities for the past 14 years and in November, we celebrate our 15 year anniversary!
In reviewing our guest.s exit interviews from the last several years, over 93% of our guests commented that not only were Richard and Ollie one of the best but "The Best" divemasters they ever dived/trained with anywhere in the world! This is coming from very seasoned travelers.
All of the staff pride themselves on customer service, our safety record, providing opportunities for adventure,and striving to offer our guests a vacation they will remember and return year after year.
We all would like to thank each of you by offering different monthly 15% off specials throughout 2011- Sept.2012.
I am sure you will agree that staying with a KNOWN, quality dive operation insures you will have an adventuresome, safe, quality vacation. Want to try the unknown? Lets go discover a new dive site and we will name the site after you. Or go on our Lion fish hunts, catch your own dinner and Coral Reef staff will prepare it for you.
Thanks for the last 14 years and looking to spending our 15Th season with you in Salt Cay.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Whoever thinks they have to go to Grand Turk or Provo to have a fun party, clearly wasn't in Salt Cay Sat night! People of all different nationalities and ages were there experiencing different cultural music, dancing and just plain fun.
The people are what makes a happening and it was going on and on and on, I really had to leave and get some sleep at 3am. Hope you are all here for our next Salt Cay Divers party. Missed you. Debbie


Divers keeping busy keeping Lion fish off Salt Cay's reefs. As many of you know, Lion fish have no predators as they don't belong in these waters. They have destroyed lots of areas in the Bahamas and Caymans by eating all the baby fish. We are teaching people how to spear fish and then going on dedicated Lion fish hunts. You spear the fish and Coral Reef Bar and Grill with clean them or teach you how to safely clean them, then cook them up with one of our favorite Lion fish recipes.
Come join in on the fun. Articles are being written about spearing the Lion fish then feeding them to the groupers and sharks in hope they will develop a taste for them. Not sure if the sharks like them, but it's the best tasting fish Ihave ever had. Be sure to ask our dive staff about Lion fish dives. Come help Salt Cay Divers keep our reefs free of Lion fish. Keep them out of our waters and on your plate. Hope to see you down here soon. Debbie

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Salt Cay Divers is pleased to announce the promotion of Mr. Richard Agraba to the position of Manager. Richard has agreed to return to Salt Cay Divers for his 4th season in his new position beginning October.
Richard has a lot of new plans to make your diving, snorkeling and whale watching trips one of the most enjoyable experiences you have ever had.
Just a few comments from our guests regarding Richard's performance.Chris and Steina" we have logged a 1000 dives all over the world and Richard is clearly the best instructor/ divemaster " we have ever had" Nicole" He is so safety minded, yet lets you dive your own profile based on your computer not time limited."Sara" He makes diving so enjoyable cause he points things out and finds the smallest creatures I have ever seen."
Ollie and Richard, along with the rest of our team, will be excited to provide you the quality personalized service you deserve. Come dive with the BEST Salt Cay has to offer.Hope to see you soon. Debbie

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Coral Reef Bar and Grill in conjunction with Salt Cay Divers is having a party 13th Aug 2011. Come help us celebrate the end of the season. Staff are all going off for a well deserved vacation.
We will be closed 19th August until 2nd of Oct 2,then opening up for business on 3rd Oct 2011.
Hop on one of the last minute specials and get your self here to party down in Salt Cay. We will provide free shuttle service from the airport:) Would love to have you all here. Hope to see you in Oct for our outrageous fall specials.
Thank all of you for your ongoing support. Have a great rest of the summer. Enjoy, Salt Cay Divers/ Coral Reef staff.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Sara and the group exploded onto Salt Cay.Such a fun group with lots of energy. Dive,dive,dive and they did just that. They occupied all of the Tradewinds Guest Suites and ate most all their meals at Coral Reef Bar and Grill.
Salt Cay having less than 100 full time residents on island, Freedom Divers represented more than 10% of our population. "Truly, it is like owning a little piece of paradise for a whole week".Posted are just a few of the hundreds of pictures the group took. A special thanks to Sara who organized the trip. We sure enjoyed all of you and hope to see you real soon.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


For those of you who have always wanted a book full of spectacular photos of Salt Cay and dozens of local residents,Far Albion has just arrived and is for sale in Splash Boutique. Olivia Savoure Marvel, in conjunction with Husson publishers have produced a book of photographs that truly capture the essence of what Salt Cay and its people are all about. Sixty-five US dollars will get you your own book to enjoy and share with others.


Laura, Athena,Olivia and Debbie all dancing students of Professional dance instructor "Willy"

After a day of diving/ snorkeling, come join the dance classes where you can learn Cha Cha, Salsa, Rumba and Bachata .

It doesn't matter if you can dance, it is just fun!

Come join us at Salt Cay Divers' Coral Reef Wednesday and Saturday 6:30pm

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Freedom Divers out of St Louis, Arizona and Virginia were partying last night at Coral Reef Bar and Grill. Gary did a spectacular job entertaining the group of over 50 divers and locals who were in the mood to sing and dance the night away.
Papa Newton, doing a wonderful job of DJ, joined Gary along with members of Salt Cay's own shake and rake band playing drums, saws and harmonicas into the wee hours of the morning.
By the end of the night Ms. Yvonne was table dancing , Tim on mic leading the group in and Eagles tune and yes, Carl of Freedom Divers, had his Stevie Wonder look on while playing the bongos.
While some of the group was dancing, we had other divers out doing a night dive. They said it was spectacular seeing an octopus, sleeping shark, huge turtle and lots of shrimp that seemed to glow in the night. Something for everyone on Salt Cay.
Thanks to all for coming out and showing our visitors such warm hospitality. Hope to see some new faces and returning guests in Salt Cay real soon.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Caicos Express Airways Expands Services to Salt Cay

In an effort to make it easier to get to Salt Cay, Caicos Express Airways has added a Saturday flight. The flight will depart Provo (PLS airport code) at 8:30am or 4PM. Perfect to catch all commercial flights arriving and departing the islands. Departures out of Salt Cay will be 9:15am or 4:45pm.
This expanded service is available effective December 10th 2011 and will run until 28th of April 2012. This is just in time for the hoilday season and of course our Humpback whale season.I would be more than happy to make reservatons for you in conjunction with your dive, snorkeling, whale watching or Eco adenture. Thanks Caicos Express. Your continued committment to Salt Cay rocks! Hope to see you all in Salt Cay this winter if not before. Debbie

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Richard, Willy and I have been attending some fantastic Wetlands and bird training seminars for the last few months in an effort to provide our tourists more opportunities for Eco-adventures right here on Salt Cay. We got to go on field trips and identify the different plants and "mangrove monsters" we have living on our island.
Salt Cay is now on the short list being considered to be a UNESCO World Heritage site. Did you know that Salt Cay has the most Heather of anywhere in the world!
I just found that out along with learning so much valuable information about birds with the internationally known Birders Dr. Mike and Ann Pienkowski.
Nine years ago Mike and Ann went to several of the near-by cays and counted birds during their nesting season. We went to Great Sand Cay last week and there were thousands of birds nesting. Galapagos didn't have anything on this spectacular outing. It was truly an amazing day. We identified several different species and they taught us how to count the birds as well as giving us extensive information on their behaviors.
Come join us on Salt Cay and Great Sand Cay for some exciting new adventures.
A huge thanks to Mike and Ann. Hope to see you back again in the very near future.


This is Jeff who is showing off his tattoos of both our Salt Cay Divers logo and a gorgeous map of of Salt Cay. Jeff and his wife Julie returned last week to do another week of diving. They got to see our resident Spotted Eagle rays,which they had not seen before.They also got to swim with Dolphins!
Julie says she has a tattoo too, but was not going to show us where hers was hiding!
Thanks so much for coming to dive with us again. See you next summer! Debbie

Monday, January 24, 2011

Doesn't Get Much Better

Today several people went for an excursion to Great Sand Cay, an uninhabited island about 7 miles from Salt Cay. This Government owned island is a Bird Sanctuary and is protected by law. This is one of the most beautiful islands I have seen in the world. The sand is so thick, you can sink up to your knees. The island is known for rare birds and huge iguanas.
Salt Cay Divers is providing tours to the island and include a picnic, snorkeling, island tour and of course Humpback whale watching, during season.
The guests had a fantastic time hiking and saw big iguanas and several osprey. When we hiked around to the creek side we spotted several sharks in very shallow water.
Next they went snorkeling in water that has been described as "swimming in silk" and then had a great lunch that Enye prepared.
We all boarded the boat and on our ride home when Richard spotted Humpback whales, mom and her calf. They were only a few hundred yards from our boat. The baby kept jumping out of the water and mom trying to keep her down. The fun is just beginning.

Once we got back to Salt Cay our finale was going to Coral Reef Bar and Grill. Debbie was having her Conch Festival night. The meal started out with Conch fritters,
next conch ceviche, conch chowder and cracked conch with a traditional beans and rice called peas and rice. What a spectacular meal. We strongly recommend you take this excursion and definitely go to the conch festival. Truly doesn't get any better. We had a Glorious Time and will be back M&R England

Sunday, January 2, 2011


First of all, thank everyone who has been so wonderful this past year. We appreciate all of your ongoing support and hope to see all of you in 2011. Wishing you,your family and friends the best this world has to offer you.
We had a party to end the year and start the new one Salt Cay Style!
Coral Reef Bar and Grill in conjunction with Salt Cay Divers had their third annual New years Eve party.
Traditionally, most all the people on the island go to church for service to bring in the new year with a blessing,then the festivities began!
Our very own Rake and Scrape band, headed up by Dwight, played live music with saws shovels, rakes, Spicket on harmonica, and of course Shine and Cowdoung on drums.Amazing how good the music sounded with such simple tools.
There was our local Police officer doubling as our DJ ,since he was on vacation. He has a spectacular collection of music from all over the world.
There was dancing until who knows what time, only I know I only got two hours of sleep before it was time to open up for sensible people who went to sleep and now wanted to eat and dive!
Happy New Year to everyone.Be safe , be happy and be in Salt Cay. Debbie