Thursday, October 20, 2011


I am so excited! Salt Cay Divers was asked to represent the entire Turks and Caicos Islands at the Wider Caribbean Mammal conference. This request was due to their excellance in providing whale watching excursions in the Turks an Caiicos Islands.
For the past 15 years, Salt Cay Divers has been providing education and whale watching encounters with the Humpback whales as well as encounters with Dolpins.
The conference is with a group of Caribbean experts representing 42 different countries. This group is developing "Guidelines" for the encounters and observations of the Humpback whales, Dolphins and Manatees in the Wider Caribbean Islands.
The conference is being held in Panama City, Panama. This week we will go out on a field trip to experience Dolphins and Humpback whales seen in the Pacific to experience how the Panamanians provide Mammal oberservations in their country.
Salt Cay is still one of the few countries that allow in-water encounters with the whales.The group is strongly encouraging us to maintain the degree of excellence we have provided in the past by followng the guidlines set by this advisory committee. We have created a "code of conduct" for all operators and are hopeful that all will comply with the guildlines to insure safety and sensitivity in observing these magnificent creatures in the wild.
We need to ensure we do not harrase or interfer with the behaviors of the Dolphins and Humpbacks by following strict guidlines for encounters and observation of these mammals.
Our ultimate goal is the protection of these animals and safety to our tourists wishing to have the experience of a lifetime.
I am taking a special course where I will be identified as a Naturalist for the Humpback whales,allowing me to provide educational information and training on Humpback whales to all of our guests prior to departure on our excursions.
This is an added benefit to our guests as we will have the only identified Naturlist on island.Additonally, all of our staff will receive the same training so we all are able to provide education and information to our guests.
If you have not made reservations for this season, Jan-mid April, please contact Salt Cay Divers for all your travel plans. Hope to see you in Salt Cay soon. Debbie

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