Thursday, June 7, 2012

July Lion Fish Tournament
Get your dive equipment and Lion fish detectors ready for our July tournament. We have the spear guns or you are permitted to bring your own Hawaiian sling to kill all the Lion fish on the reefs in Salt Cay.
Richard and the crew has done an excellent job at keeping the population down, but we need your help. We want all Lion fish on your plates, not our reefs.
The prize for the person catching the MOST Lion fish wins a three night stay at Tradewinds Guest Suites.
A pod of Pilot whales were spotted right in front of Salt Cay on Tuesday. They must have come for the Queen's jubilee.  No idea why they are here so late, but it was exciting. Never too soon to sign up for our Super Summer Specials and Humpback whale season 2013.
Hope to have you in Salt Cay real soon. Debbie