Saturday, May 28, 2011


Richard, Willy and I have been attending some fantastic Wetlands and bird training seminars for the last few months in an effort to provide our tourists more opportunities for Eco-adventures right here on Salt Cay. We got to go on field trips and identify the different plants and "mangrove monsters" we have living on our island.
Salt Cay is now on the short list being considered to be a UNESCO World Heritage site. Did you know that Salt Cay has the most Heather of anywhere in the world!
I just found that out along with learning so much valuable information about birds with the internationally known Birders Dr. Mike and Ann Pienkowski.
Nine years ago Mike and Ann went to several of the near-by cays and counted birds during their nesting season. We went to Great Sand Cay last week and there were thousands of birds nesting. Galapagos didn't have anything on this spectacular outing. It was truly an amazing day. We identified several different species and they taught us how to count the birds as well as giving us extensive information on their behaviors.
Come join us on Salt Cay and Great Sand Cay for some exciting new adventures.
A huge thanks to Mike and Ann. Hope to see you back again in the very near future.


This is Jeff who is showing off his tattoos of both our Salt Cay Divers logo and a gorgeous map of of Salt Cay. Jeff and his wife Julie returned last week to do another week of diving. They got to see our resident Spotted Eagle rays,which they had not seen before.They also got to swim with Dolphins!
Julie says she has a tattoo too, but was not going to show us where hers was hiding!
Thanks so much for coming to dive with us again. See you next summer! Debbie