Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's Getting Easy to get to Salt Cay!

Hey all you East Coast people,Continental Airlines has announced they start flying to Providenciales (PLS, airport code), in February 2011!. Now it is easier than ever to get here. They will be flying direct out of Newark airport to Provo in just 3 1/2 hours.
Jet Blue begin direct flights out of JFK, and Boston in Feb, American has direct flights out of JFK, Boston and Miami, Delta direct out of Atlanta , US Air direct out of Charlotte and West Jet direct out of Toronto!
There is a reason all the airlines are coming here. We have some of the best beaches in the world, best diving, no crowds and Salt Cay clearly has the best snorkeling of all the Turks islands right from the shore.
Make your reservations now to be a part of our Humpback whale season. Salt Cay has been known as "whale headquarters" due to our 7,000 ft trench sitting right in front of Salt Cay.
The trench is known as the Columbus Passage and on any given day, snorkelers and divers can hear the Humpbacks singing their beautiful songs as they migrate through Salt Cay on their way to the Silver banks. The whales come in so shallow you can clearly see the whales while you are sitting at Coral Reef bar and grill sipping that ice,cool drink.
Still not too late for a special holiday gift for a vacation of a life-time.
Check flights now for the best deals available. once you get to PLS, Salt Cay Divers can take care of everything for you. Book your flights, accommodations all water actiivites and any thing you might need for your stay in Salt Cay.
Happy Hallowean to all you goblins out there. Debbie

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Yes, Mantas have been spotted two days in a row by Richard and two of his divers, Chris and Trista. One Manta was on north west wall at about 50 feet, just spinning and doing summer salts for about 5 min. The Manta had about a 10 ft wing span. Then yesterday there was a smaller Manta. Of course it has to be the "mom and baby" It makes for such a nice story. About 6 ft wing span and on top of the reef, just gracefully swimming by.
This is a bit late in the season for Mantas, but hey we will take them anytime! We are waiting the arrival of the Whale sharks that visit in Novemeber.

Sea Wall
The sea wall is coming along nicely and has been providing the guests at Coral Reef Bar and Grill a lot of entertainment watching the men working at night.
We started a contest to see who can guess the date of completion for the wall. Not when they actually leave, but finish the wall.We hope they will be staying on to fix our roads while they have the equipment here.
Beautiful little Salt Cay is getting more beautiful, thanks in part to our dedicated D.C., Ms Dickenson.Our harbor will be safe from heavy seas once the wall is completed. Thanks so much to Dale and the entire crew for working so hard to complete this project.
Several of the Salt Cay men were able to secure jobs which is wonderful. They can take pride in knowing they helped build something that will protect their island.
Don't forget to ask about our Anniversary special. Come help us celebrate in Salt Cay. Hope to see you soon. Debbie

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wer'e back!!

One by one the Salt Cay Divers, Coral Reef Bar and Grill and Tradewinds staff are returning to Salt Cay. They are all rested from their time off island and ready to provide all our guests with some quality services and stories of their adventures.
The boats have all been painted, new gear for our dive shop is in place and lots of new hats,shirts and ear rings are in Splash boutique.One new addition is one of our local residents has decided to sell his paintings.Quite nice, hope you stop in and see them.
The most exciting news for our island is our sea wall for the harbor is getting rebuilt.This wall is essential for the potection from rough seas for all of our island's boats as well as ocean front properties. The harbor will be also dredged, which means we will have several feet of water under our boats instead of trying to back out over the sand.
Lion fish hunting/eating will continue this season as we plan to have it on the menu at Coral Reef. They are delcious and the Environmental and Coastal Resources Department is promoting a recipe book with Lion fish recipes from all over the Turks and Caicos. If anyone has a delcious recipe they would like us to try with our Lion fish,please email
As previously mentioned ,November is our 14th year in business. Ollie and I would like to thank each and everyone of our guests and friends for supporting us over these years.
I would like to personally thank you, so you need to come to Salt Cay!.
Please note our special is still on for all of November and the staff fix a "mean" bird for Thanksgivings dinner.
The ocean is flat and waters nice and warm. Still about 82 degrees. Moon jeliies started arriving earlier than usual, but they are gorgeous. Cooler water creatures, like the giant morey eels, will be here soon.
Do yourself a favor and surprise someone with a holiday gift to Salt Cay. We have some excellent packages we have created just for special occasions.
Hope you come help us celebrate our anniversary.Best to all Debbie

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shake it Up!  
Salt Cay and Grand Turk  $999.00pp
Two islands Dive package includes: Salt Cay and Grand Turk
Oct 1st – Dec 14th $999.00pp
High season Dec 15th- April 14th $1025pp

On Salt Cay
Spend 4 nights at Tradewinds Guest suites
Round Trip airport transfers
All Government taxes
Comes with bikes for exploring the island
3 days of two tank boat diving with Salt Cay Divers
Take ferry to other island
On Grand Turk
Spend 3 nights Bohio Dive resort
Two days of two am tank boat dives
All government taxes