Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wer'e back!!

One by one the Salt Cay Divers, Coral Reef Bar and Grill and Tradewinds staff are returning to Salt Cay. They are all rested from their time off island and ready to provide all our guests with some quality services and stories of their adventures.
The boats have all been painted, new gear for our dive shop is in place and lots of new hats,shirts and ear rings are in Splash boutique.One new addition is one of our local residents has decided to sell his paintings.Quite nice, hope you stop in and see them.
The most exciting news for our island is our sea wall for the harbor is getting rebuilt.This wall is essential for the potection from rough seas for all of our island's boats as well as ocean front properties. The harbor will be also dredged, which means we will have several feet of water under our boats instead of trying to back out over the sand.
Lion fish hunting/eating will continue this season as we plan to have it on the menu at Coral Reef. They are delcious and the Environmental and Coastal Resources Department is promoting a recipe book with Lion fish recipes from all over the Turks and Caicos. If anyone has a delcious recipe they would like us to try with our Lion fish,please email me:scdivers@tciway.tc.
As previously mentioned ,November is our 14th year in business. Ollie and I would like to thank each and everyone of our guests and friends for supporting us over these years.
I would like to personally thank you, so you need to come to Salt Cay!.
Please note our special is still on for all of November and the staff fix a "mean" bird for Thanksgivings dinner.
The ocean is flat and waters nice and warm. Still about 82 degrees. Moon jeliies started arriving earlier than usual, but they are gorgeous. Cooler water creatures, like the giant morey eels, will be here soon.
Do yourself a favor and surprise someone with a holiday gift to Salt Cay. We have some excellent packages we have created just for special occasions.
Hope you come help us celebrate our anniversary.Best to all Debbie

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