Saturday, July 28, 2012

Good luck Officer Fergie
Salt Cay's Officer Fergie has decided to go back to her home, Barbados, to go to school. Coral Reef Bar and Grill had a send off for her. There was food, dancing and rum punches with a kick! She was presented with a Salt Cay map to remember us. Fergie was only with us one year, but was always here to help if we needed her.
Now Officer Stan is alone and we hope Police Headquarters sends us another officer. On behalf of the community of Salt Cay , we wish you well.

Lion Fish Tournament has been extended through the month of August. Richard and all the divers have been doing such an excellent job at keeping the Lion fish off our reefs, that we have not had any fish caught in the month of July. So all you snorkelers and divers, we are having some excellent specials for the month of August. Come spear some Lion fish, we will teach you how to clean them and then prepare it for you. Delicious meal and great dive trying to find them!

Hammerhead spotted
An 8 ft Hammerhead shark has been seen for the last three days on our Northwest point of Salt Cay. I hope he has taken up residency there.Gorgeous sighting as the divers have seen him smiling as he passes by.
One of our fishermen, not use to Hammerheads said he" about had a heat attack" as he had never seen one that big before. His partner said he never saw his friend move that fast in his life! Hammerheads are friendly as long as you leave them alone, they will leave you alone. Just enjoy their beauty.

Be sure to check this blog and Salt Cay Divers Face book page for our upcoming fall specials.
Hope to see you in Salt Cay real soon. Debbie