Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Salt Cay Divers had its' first in-water encounter for the season. We had 28 French people charter flights in from Provo to go on a whale watching excursion. They chartered their own boat, the Afri Cat, and had our boats go out and spot for whales. When Richard spotted them, there were two huge whales and the proud mama showing off her new born. Lee, our researcher/ naturalist, was on the boat and was able to gently slide into the water and guide the French snorkelers so they could get a fantastic in-water view of these whales.
Cowdung did a fantastic job and manuvering the boat so as to respect the Humpbacks space and not to disturb them.
Lee Munson, our newest staff member, is conducting a study to detemine if whale behaviors change when snorkelers are in the water with them. They sure didn't seem to mind at all. Come take part in our research and you might be lucky enough to experience encounters like we had yesterday. Season is just beginning, so come on down and join SCD for an adventure of a lifetime!PLEASE CHECK OUT THE VIDEO ON YOU TUBE OR SALT CAY DIVERS FACEBOOK PAGE.