Sunday, January 2, 2011


First of all, thank everyone who has been so wonderful this past year. We appreciate all of your ongoing support and hope to see all of you in 2011. Wishing you,your family and friends the best this world has to offer you.
We had a party to end the year and start the new one Salt Cay Style!
Coral Reef Bar and Grill in conjunction with Salt Cay Divers had their third annual New years Eve party.
Traditionally, most all the people on the island go to church for service to bring in the new year with a blessing,then the festivities began!
Our very own Rake and Scrape band, headed up by Dwight, played live music with saws shovels, rakes, Spicket on harmonica, and of course Shine and Cowdoung on drums.Amazing how good the music sounded with such simple tools.
There was our local Police officer doubling as our DJ ,since he was on vacation. He has a spectacular collection of music from all over the world.
There was dancing until who knows what time, only I know I only got two hours of sleep before it was time to open up for sensible people who went to sleep and now wanted to eat and dive!
Happy New Year to everyone.Be safe , be happy and be in Salt Cay. Debbie

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