Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Whales spotted on north point on Salt Cay

It must be freezing up north as our wonderful Humpback whales were just spotted yesterday off Salt Cay's north point. This is very early arrival for them.I believe these are the "scouts" sent down early to send directions to their fellow whale buddies on migration paths to the Silver Banks.These scouts will guide the whales through the Columbus Passage which sits right in front of Salt Cay.
I received a call from Hilary telling me the whales were heading south and to be on the look out for them. Sure enough, about 15 minutes later, huge spouts of water shot up and two mangnificinet whales backs came out of the water. They didn't put on a breeching show but still a gorgeous sight.They are saving the main show for when more guests arrive.
Still plenty of time to get your reservations to Salt Cay for our Humpback whale, snokeling and diving season. I can't wait to be diving and hear them singing again.
Each year their songs are so beautiful. Sounds like a concert on most every dive.
Hope to see you in Salt Cay for 2011! Debbie, Ollie and the whole Salt Cay Divers gang wishing you all a very Happy New year.

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