Monday, December 13, 2010

Adventures in Salt Cay

Today was really a fun adventure. Several of us took off to do a search and rescue on a mooring ball that had disappeared from the Aquarium dive site. Heather was wonderful and told me she had spotted the ball earlier on the north shore. So we decided to make an adventure out of it. Paul and Heather snorkeled in to the shore because the swells were too big to get the boat in too close. We spotted the line and ball, they swam in and retrieved it.
These mooring markers are very difficutlt to get down here so thanks so very much to everyone for their help in saving it.
Next we all went out to the "Plane" or some people call it the "Parades End" to dive. Lots of sand had covered the plane ,which we sank in July, and already fish are making it their new home. There was a huge Southern Sting Ray that seems like the Plane might be his new home too as this is the 4th time spotted there.He has about 4-5 ft wing span.
Next , Paul had earlier spotted turtle tracks that led to the pond up north by the Pirates cemetary. This pond sometimes has some water, but most of the time not. He saw a large Hawksbill turtle flapping around in what seemed to be a lot of muddy, slushy water. After our dive, we all went to look at the turtle to see if it was OK. It would take a huge breath of air, then bury it's head in the water. It's entire bak shell was exposed, but it was like if his head was covered, no one could see her.She would stay like that for about 15 min then repeat the same action. The turtle did not look in distress, but we have never seen a turtle do this before. Most likely the turtle came on the land to lay it's eggs in the sand. You could see lots of different turtle tracts coming in from the beach. The turtle just seemed to not want to leave this muddy little hole of water. Why???
Paul went to try and pick it up and we were going to carry it to the ocean, but them once we saw it was not "stuck in the mud" we decided since she didn't look in distress, we would let nature take its course. Sure enough, the turtle was gone in the am with fresh tracks leading back out to the shore.So a happy ending to another adventuresome day on Salt Cay. If anyone out there has seen or understands this behavior, we would love to hear about what the turtle might have been doing.
For those of you spending the holidays in Salt Cay, we will see you all soon. For those of you not booked yet, still lots of time for a surprise holiday gift.
How special to come bring in the New Year diving on our beautiful walls and staying on our historical little island.
You can bring in the New Year with Salt Cay's own Rake and Scrape band playing live, at Coral Reef Bar and Grill on New years eve.
For those of you who will not be here, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and the very best to all of you and your family for a healthy , happy and prosperous new year. Hope to see you all in 2011. From all the Salt Cay Divers staff.

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