Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Turtle Saga Contines

Well our turtle came back to Salt Cay again. Heather spotted the turtle back in the pond and let me know that either she didn't leave or she came back. So I called Jewels,the Director of our Environmental and Coastal Resources Department to ask her advise on what to do.
She was extremely helpful and told me not to flip it over, keep it's head wet with cloth and also that would shade her eyes and get it to the ocean as fast as possible.
So I called a crew to assist me in saving this gorgeous turtle. Richard, Enye, Santos, Wiley, Paul and Heather all came and lifted the turtle into the back of my truck. She weighed about 200 pounds and was 3.5ft x 4ft long. It was a Hawksbill turtle and perhaps came on shore to lay eggs and maybe got confused because when we found her she was looking for the ocean in the opposite direction of where the ocean is located.
So we carefully loaded and I drove it to the Tradewinds where the beach entrance was a direct shot out of the harbor. We all felt so happy to see the turtle back where she belongs. The way she took off once she hit the water was exciting to see.
Check out our pictures on Salt Cay Divers face book page.Another happy ending!

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