Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanks to Will and Leslie

Will and Leslie came back to Salt Cay to dive with us for another glorious week. Will went on his first Lion Fish hunt and was able to get one of those nasty, but beautiful fish off our reef. Please see their gorgeous pictures, which are posted on Face book page of Salt Cay Divers.
The new game plan for photagraphers is to photograph these colorful Lion fish, then kill them and we will prepare them for you at Coral Reef cafe.
While Will and Leslie enjoyed the taste of the Lion fish, they were too busy enjoying their freshly prepared cracked conch. "It takes a lot of these fish to make a meal, but the are tasty!"
Thanks for coming back and spending your vacation time with us.
See you next year.

Sea Wall Update
The seawall is still progressing nicely. Looks like we are going into December so the Novemeber people that entered the contest of "Pick the date the wall will be finished" will have to forgo the prize to the December people who selected December dates of completion.We will announce the winner once the wall is completed.

Calling all artists. Want to donate your artistic skills? Salt Cay Divers will furnish the paint if someone volunteers to paint some ocean scenes on the inside of the wall.Mary where are you? You did such an excellent job at Tradewinds Guest Suites!
Let me know if anyone is interested and I will seek approval to have some nice drawings on our brand new sea wall!. It would be a lovely addition for finsih off our new wall.
Hope to see you all in Salt Cay soon. Debbie

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