Saturday, November 13, 2010

Holliday Agenda

The holiday festivities began early this year as we broke in the karaoke machine last night! Our Saturday night karaoke night is back on and will be in full swing for the rest of the season. Our machine was recently loaded with lots of new tunes. Aple, Lolli,Patrice and our gorgeous police officer were all neck in neck with their singing scores.
All I had to do is offer a free drink to anyone hitting 100 and not more than 5 minutes later, Salt Cay's Patrice belted it through the roof!
Then of course an honorable mention must be given to Michele,who swore no one would ever catch her singing at karaoke. Michele you're busted! Not only singing, but dancing too. Pat(welcome back girlfriend) and our newest arriving diver,Cynthia was back up singers for the group.
Then at 11pm the dancing started. People of five different nationalities all came together singing Bob Marley's One love.
Potential guests are asking me all the time, what is the night life like on Salt Cay. Well spontaneity is the name of the game here. It makes for the some of the best parties I have ever been to.
Thanksgiving: Dinner will be served at Coral Reef Bar and Grill with all the traditional Turkey fixings.
New Years Eve: Papa Newt is our singing dancing DJ to spin in the tunes for the New Year
New's Years Day: Third annual "Taste of Salt Cay." will be held. Make your favorite recipe and bring to the party. Prizes will be awarded in three different categories.
Come join us for some excellent diving, snorkeling and partying

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