Monday, January 24, 2011

Doesn't Get Much Better

Today several people went for an excursion to Great Sand Cay, an uninhabited island about 7 miles from Salt Cay. This Government owned island is a Bird Sanctuary and is protected by law. This is one of the most beautiful islands I have seen in the world. The sand is so thick, you can sink up to your knees. The island is known for rare birds and huge iguanas.
Salt Cay Divers is providing tours to the island and include a picnic, snorkeling, island tour and of course Humpback whale watching, during season.
The guests had a fantastic time hiking and saw big iguanas and several osprey. When we hiked around to the creek side we spotted several sharks in very shallow water.
Next they went snorkeling in water that has been described as "swimming in silk" and then had a great lunch that Enye prepared.
We all boarded the boat and on our ride home when Richard spotted Humpback whales, mom and her calf. They were only a few hundred yards from our boat. The baby kept jumping out of the water and mom trying to keep her down. The fun is just beginning.

Once we got back to Salt Cay our finale was going to Coral Reef Bar and Grill. Debbie was having her Conch Festival night. The meal started out with Conch fritters,
next conch ceviche, conch chowder and cracked conch with a traditional beans and rice called peas and rice. What a spectacular meal. We strongly recommend you take this excursion and definitely go to the conch festival. Truly doesn't get any better. We had a Glorious Time and will be back M&R England

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