Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Caicos Express Airways Expands Services to Salt Cay

In an effort to make it easier to get to Salt Cay, Caicos Express Airways has added a Saturday flight. The flight will depart Provo (PLS airport code) at 8:30am or 4PM. Perfect to catch all commercial flights arriving and departing the islands. Departures out of Salt Cay will be 9:15am or 4:45pm.
This expanded service is available effective December 10th 2011 and will run until 28th of April 2012. This is just in time for the hoilday season and of course our Humpback whale season.I would be more than happy to make reservatons for you in conjunction with your dive, snorkeling, whale watching or Eco adenture. Thanks Caicos Express. Your continued committment to Salt Cay rocks! Hope to see you all in Salt Cay this winter if not before. Debbie

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