Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring is here

Well it has been a very cool winter and our wonderful dolphins and Humpback whales gave us quite a few "spiritual moments" . The waters are starting to warm up and the tropical fish are returning.Richard noticed lots of plankton in the water and sure enough within a few days they saw a 12 ft Manta ray. I have no idea why the Manta was in these waters this early in the year. We usually don't see them till June and July.It was a wonderful treat for all the divers. For a few, it was their first time.Spring and summer months are gorgeous in Salt Cay. We would love to see you in Salt Cay. Make reservations and we will give you a 10% discount off your already discounted dive package just by mentioning you read it here.Hope to see you in Salt cay real soon. Debbie

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