Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Welcome to our two new dive masters Dave Goring of the UK and Richard Agraba of the Philippines. They have a combined 20 years of teaching scuba diving. Richard specializes in kayak instruction and Dave loves to take people on new dives - when we find a wonderful location he names the site after them!

Come on down to see the humpback whales, they are back and hear them singing on most every dive.

Lionfish are being spotted on almost every dive. While they are gorgeous to look at we need to decrease the number of Lion fish as they eat all the baby fish on the reef. We are looking at the safest way to capture the fish without anyone getting stung. We will be having specific Lion fish hunting dives geared to their capture. We have received several recipes to prepare Lion fish as they are considered a delicacy to eat.

Come join us for a fun filled winter adventure.

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