Wednesday, May 19, 2010

There She Goes

Salt Cay has a brand new wreck to snorkel or dive . The Lucky lady, who was not so lucky, had sunk in our harbor about two years ago. Private funds were raised and donated to pay a salvage operator by the name of Louis, to float the boat so we could sink her again as an artificial reef and dive site.
We have excellent snorkeling right from our shores, so the idea was to sink her in a place shallow enough for snorkelers to be able snorkel ,yet deep enough for a shallow dive site.
Many people come here whose mate might not dive, but they do snorkel. Now they can both come and snorkel and/or watch their mate dive the same site.
Special thanks to "Shine" who donated the boat to sink, Mike and Bob, who started the salvage exploration, Tony, Beto,Enye, Boo, Jimmy,Enrique,Don and a special thanks to Richard our dive instructor,who did the preparation and the diving to secure the boat and make sure it floated to get it out of the harbor. The Environmental and Costal Resources department had a small skiff and staff along side to insure no corals or reef were being damaged in the process.
Ollie did an excellent job driving the boat out of the harbor to then allow her to slowly sink to her new resting place.
Thanks to our District Commissioner, Carolyn, for her support of this project, Vershina and Sharon who took pictures and recorded it for historical purposes .This was the first boat that was intentionally sunk in Salt Cay for a dive site. Staff at Salt Cay Divers are very excited about this new site and look forward to taking people to dive or snorkel our local wreck.
The wreck site has not been named so of course ...there has to be a contest.
There will be a team of three local people to judge the entires and the winner will either get a free dinner for two at Coral Reef Bar and Grill OR when you arrive, or if you are already here, a free dive/ snorkel on the newly named dive site.Submit your entires to Once the winner has been decided, I will post the new sites name.
Lion Fish hunting dives are still ongoing to keep our reefs free of these fish. They are delicous and we are coming up with some fantastic recipes for the next batch of Lion fish.
Summer time is almost here and the colder waters of the winter season are moving out and the waters warming up.Dolphines and mantas soon will be here.
I was able to get permission from the owner of a small twin engine plane that landed in Salt Cay, but opps, due to mechanical problems missed the runway. There were no injuries but it did leave us a plane to make another artificial reef .
Anyone with any salvage,dive experience wanting to join in on the salvage operation of helping us sink the plane is welcome to assist us.
Please check our website for our summer specials. Thanks for your onging support. Debbie

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