Monday, May 31, 2010


Paul , Kelly Jason and Yurgo were just returning from a dive when they spotted what looked to be a thousand birds. Richard slowed the boat down as he saw something "huge" in the water. All divers slowly, well kind of slowly, got in the water and discovered a Whale shark sitting right beneath the boat.
The Whale shark stayed with them for what seemed to be a lifetime and then gracefully swam off.
Paul got some amazing video and one still shot, which is being loaded onto our blogspot and you should be able to view it soon.
This was the first time any of the divers saw a Whale shark in all of their years of diving. The great news is it happened right here on little old Salt Cay walls!
In earlier years, Whale sharks have been spotted here in or around November. This sighting is very early for a Whale shark to be in these waters, but we are excited regardless of what time of year they come.
Hopefully the shark will stay around the area for a few days so we can have more exciting adventures diving with them.
Last night we enjoyed another batch of Lion fish deliciously prepared by Davie at Coral Reef cafe. Jason was quite good at spearing the fish and Paul great at spotting them.Together they removed another 8 Lion fish off our reef.
Paul found the smallest Lion fish I have ever seen. It was about the size of a pin head.
Thanks to the Kelly group for joining us in Salt Cay. Debbie

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