Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Is A Good thing!

Sandy decided to pay Salt Cay a visit with higher seas than our senior citizens had ever remembered. Ms Nettie and Ms Pat were down looking at the waves and telling wonderful stories about 'back in the days".
The seas were as high as 18 ft rolling in. The crashing seas took out about 4-5 ft of sand underneath the front section of Coral Reef Bar and Grill, located right next door to the dive shop. The cafe is still totally functional and we had Conch Festival for dinner with our guests last night.
Salt Cay Divers shop was not effected at all!
This gives us the opportunity to remodel the front section of the cafe and continue with building our new and improved dance floor next to the cafe.
A  huge thanks to the wonderful people, Shine, Bernard, Willy, Enye, Mike, Greg and Nancy,John, Uncle Lionel and Stagger Lee, who secured the cafe so no further damage was done.
The seas are calming down and all is good.
Our boats rode the storm out really well. Craig is a wonderful addition to our team. He was able to secure the boats and make sure the engines were all running good.
He took a surf board out to the Big boat with a battery charger to charge the batteries. Now that was quite the sight. I was freaking out that the battery charger was going to be dumped into the sea due to  the crashing waves. But they were masterful and got the job accomplished.
Our little community really pulls together and the guests helped in any way they could.
Diving will most likely resume tomorrow. With the seas calming down the visibility will be back to it's excellent sightings in the next couple days.
Happy Halloween and hoping all those effected by Sandy along the east coast stay safe. Hope to see you in Salt Cay real soon. Debbie

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